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Features are only added to MJ Acoustics products if they are truly useful ones. remote control of a subwoofer could be argued a bit of a gimick. We would concur to a point but being able to sit in your listening position and adjust the setings for gain and crossover mean that setup is acheived more accurately and much easier than with conventional methods. ie jumping in and out of your chair to turn the dials.

The remote system supplied as standard to all reference series subwoofers is very unique and comes as a two part set.
The RM1 remote control is sculpted to sit securely in ones hand. With just the right number of useful buttons so adjustments can be easily performed by simple and light pressure on the sensitive non slip coating. easy recall of preset memories are made by a single press of the corresponding P1- 4 buttons. Each press of the Data button scrolls through the menu items and the Up and Down buttons either increase or decrease the relative setting. Finally the blue standby button allows instant switch off and or an A/B comparison of with and without subwoofer interaction.

The remote eye which looks a bit like a mouse comes with a 2m lead wire which can be extended if required to a maximum of 100 meters. The body of the eye is weighted and together with the rubber pad on the underside enables firm non slip and stable placement on top of vitually any substrate. This part of the MJ Acoustics unique Out of Sight remote system enables the positioning of the subwoofer virtually anywhere in the room. once setup is complete and all settings have been saved the user can recall each memory without having to point at the panel on the subwoofer. So if you want to hide the panel and display and or the whole subwoofer you can. only the eye needs to be in line of sight for the remote to work. The three pin 3.5mm jack plug carries power and data signals from the eye receiver to the microprocessor in the subwoofer.

Floor placement has become a major issue these days with some customers having carpeted floors and some having wooden floor coverings. It should be noted that the use of spikes is at the users own risk. The hardened steel spikes supplied have a very sharp point which is tempered to assist in keeping the point as sharp as possible. With the weight if the individual models ranging from 10kg to a mighty 45kg the damage to a wooden floor can be seroius indeed! The rubber insert feet are provided to decouple the cabinet from smooth floor surfaces and also remove the likleyhood of the cabinet from either vibrating causing unwanted noises or moving across the room. The insert feet have been specially made to form an inteference fit in the M8 threaded hole in the base of each foot. Simply push each one in and place the cabinet down on the floor surface. It is these touches and attention to the finest detail that seperate MJ Acoustics from the rest of the competition. nothing provided is surplus to requirements.

All of the above items come as standard with the Reference range of products. There is also a 4m long High level cable so the second crossover and gain can be used for additional inputs. Please note however, that the above are not included with the Pro series of products. The spikes, insert rubber isolation feet and High Level lead can be purchased seperately as options.

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