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Subliminal S1RM Audiophile stereo speakers
Finishes Available

The stunning S1RM standmount audiophile stereo speakers in the beautiful Light Oak real wood finish.

The beautiful Subliminal S1RM standmount audiophile stereo speakers.

Rarely is a speaker finished to such a high standard as the S1RM. Capped in solid wood, the rigidity and sonic solidity of the S1RM's are phenominal. Standing less than half a metre tall, the S1RM's are designed for stand mounting or bookshelf placement.


The S1RM's adopt a transmissionline cabinet design and they have no electronic crossover. A single 4" full-range driver with molecular vibration technology is used to provide fequencies between 40Hz - 22KHz. The driver flexes thoughout the frequency range to produce crisp, clean treble frequencies without being sharp or cheeky and tight rigid bass register frequencies.

Reproduction of female vocals are detailed and enjoyable to the ears, unlike many two-way speakers where the tweeter can make a feminine vocal sound harsh and too bright. Mid range frequencies have excellent definition and provide a wide sense of depth and display superb stereo imaging.


Centre Channel shown on a basic stand

S1RM Centre Channel  rear image showing the port at the end of the transmissionline.

S1RM Centre Channel  front, without its grill

When speakers sound and look this good, there's no alternative. The best 100% British Speakers available.
Subliminal S1RM Standmount Speaker Specifications:

Type: Audiophile - Reference standmount stereo speakers
Output: 100 watts handling power.
Impedance: 6 Ohm.
Cone: Single 4” full-range driver with molecular vibration technology
Sensitivity: 88dB @ 1w/1mtr
Freq Range: 40Hz – 22Khz
Freq Crossover: No electronic crossover
Cabinet Architecture: Transmission line
Dimensions - Mains: H430mm x W204mm x D290mm
Dimensions - Centre: H204mm x W430mm x D290mm
Weight: 10kg (22.05lbs) each
Finishes: Maple, Cherry, Light Oak.

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