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Over 14 Years of Award Winning history.

About Us

MJ Acoustics was created to pursue an ideal, namely the reproduction of the most natural sounding, true to life bass possible with current technology, but at a price that favours both the wealthy and not-so-wealthy enthusiast.

The key member of the team, John Jefferis, also the founder and designer, brings with him a wealth of knowledge gained from extensive experience and involvement in acoustic sound engineering, electronics, computing and cabinet-making industries.

The audiophile, home cinema enthusiast, professional musician and entertainment sectors have had to pay too high a price for the attainment of life-like sound reproduction. Continually disappointed for years by the general acceptance of bass reproduction that has quite rightly fitted the description "canned music", John and his team of dedicated engineers decided to find a solution. There are many players in the sub-woofer field and after auditioning the majority of high-end and better known lower-end products, it became clear that there was an unacceptable gulf between proper bass reproduction and cost. They set out to close this gap in 1999. MJ Acoustics is now the only 100% British owned specialist dedicated subwoofer manufacturer, and as such offers that British quintessential touch and exquisite attention to the finest and smallest detail, which ensures adroit punch and solid slam - without the dreaded overhang!

Bass frequencies are the foundations of the musical spectrum. A car's performance depends very much on it's chassis; audio and video performances depend very much on the electrical current carrying them; likewise, the all important mid-range depends - for the fullest development - on properly defined bass that is neither bloated, woolly, overbearing nor intrusive. With this in mind, and the belief that the single most important area for improvement to a sound system is bass reproduction, MJ Acoustics offer the true audiophile a range of active sub-bass systems, that gives the end user the opportunity to have their cake and eat it.

The MJ Acoustics range shows that top quality components, superbly designed controls and adjustments, together with outstanding life-like reproduction can all be had for a fraction of the cost of other similar performing products. In fact, sound for pound MJ Acoustics have incorporated just about every worthwhile form of connectivity possible, together with MOSFET amplifier stages, perfectly matched crossover circuits, digital displays and ultra efficient drivers, together with some innovative electronic circuitry which normally only comes with other manufacturers' top-of-the-range (read very expensive) models.

John feels that the facilities and benefits which enhance the sound reproduction of a flagship model should equally benefit the entry level variants. It is also his belief that the sound quality from each and every one in the range, limited only by physical size and power output, should be the same for all products.

Regardless of whether a subwoofer is to occupy a small living room or fully fledged studio, the variation is only in the physical size and output in terms of Sound Pressure Levels required to fill the room with a properly balanced spectrum of sound. No other parameters are compromised between the lowest and highest priced subwoofers in the MJ Acoustics range. Except, that is, for price in favour of the buyer's wallet. There is, however, a number of custom finishes available at extra cost, for some models, which are offered purely for aesthetic requirements.

Each unit is seriously over-engineered with generous headroom in all important areas. Components are hand picked and specifically designed into each system. Our unique combination of state-of-the-art electronics and tuned hand built cabinets, afford the user the ultimate in sub-bass control. Deep and powerful enough for the most demanding movie sound track, yet subtle, agile, fast, and accurate for the highest fidelity in music listening. Its just like beeing there!

All of this produces a subwoofer to engender pride for MJ Acoustics as a British Manufacturer, and for you the Customer.

Best of all its a 100% British product made by a 100% British company in Britain!

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