Slimpact-10-SR provides for positioning in discrete locations, perhaps out of sight and behind furniture.  Many installation requirements cannot accommodate the area required for a conventional shaped Sub-Bass System. The Slimpact-10-SR provides that link between convenience and superb bass integration for your sound system.  For 2019 models we have upgraded the performance with the added benefit of “DAMP 3rd Gen” providing Twin Crossovers and Smart Remote communication. Multiple inputs allow for enhancing all channels in your AV system. Simply brimming full of features for the size and packing a musical punch the likes of which are jaw-dropping for its diminutive size.  So for the first time, you can now slip a fully loaded MJ sub-bass system in the hardest to reach areas like behind TVs or alongside, a sofa and have a magical music soundstage enhanced by the deep and smooth bass tones only an MJ sub-bass system can offer.  Set up is totally out of sight and of course, you can add more than one sub in larger rooms and all can be controlled from the Smart Remote App simultaneously.

Make no mistake this model has all the features required to augment a true high fidelity system. Multiple inputs in the form of Gold plated RCA terminals along with the legendary MJ  ability to use multiple inputs at the same time.  Positioned in a discrete location it can provide the speed and depth of bass in the lower registers to underpin the very largest of floor-standers if required.  It is perfectly suited to multiple sub-bass system configurations and provides the ultimate in smooth bass infill for parts of rooms that are bass light.

Available in a range of colours and wood veneer finishes it can seamlessly disappear into a room aesthetic appearance whilst bringing your music to life.

There is nothing quite like the realism that results from adding an MJ Sub-bass speaker to your existing audio system.  Without a doubt the best musical investment to an existing system you will ever make. If you are really interested in the best music you can hear then try one. We know you won’t want to part with it.

“When it sounds right it’s just more Real” “Like being there in the musical moment!” 

When a subwoofer sounds this good, there’s no alternative. The best 100% British Subwoofers available.

SLIMPACT-10-SR Specifications:
150watt discrete High Current MOSFET Amplifier with 2 high current lateral MOSFET devices
High Voltage, High Current and high ripple rejection reservoir capacitors for extended transients
Line Level inputs with Gain Control Range 99dB
Twin Unbalanced RCA (phono) connector (Gold Plated) (Low level 10k ohm) for Left & Right inputs
Twin Unbalanced RCA (phono) connector (Gold Plated) (Low level 10k ohm) for LFE & Centre inputs
Twin Sophisticated Crossover Circuits – variable increments between 20Hz and 120Hz
LFE Bypass setting 200Hz
12-volt trigger & Auto On/Off with sensitivity adjustments
True Out of sight Remote from MJ’s Smart Remote application for iOS & Android.
No IP address required and no use of a router is required for SR(Smart Remote)
Ir Remote Control with ‘line-of-sight’ RM Eye option (extra cost)
Phase Control infinitely adjustable between 0º and 180º
Frequency response 13hz to 200hz -3dB in room
D.I.P. (Dynamic Intelligent Protection)
D.A.M.P. (Digitally Accurate MicroProcessor 3rd generation)
Specially designed cabinet structure, volume, and configuration made from inert 18mm MDF
Digital Display with power output meter and frequency setting on panel
Switched fused IEC mains input socket
250mm (10”) Ultra Long-throw Driver with Heavy Duty chassis & Double stacked High-Density Magnets
Fully saturated High-Density Magnets with extended pole piece structure for extended piston movement
UK 3 year manufacturers return to base warranty
Dimensions (WxHxD ) 555mm X 300mm X 180mm & Weight 14.23Kg(31.37lbs) 
Black Ash finish as standard with other Real Wood Veneer and paint finishes available.


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