BLACK ASH Piano Gloss Black Piano Gloss Black Light Oak American Black Walnut Light Oak American Black Walnut  Light Oak Black Ash Black Ash White Satin Paint
Over Ash Veneer
ZEBRANO Piano Black Gloss Black Ash Black Ash Light Oak Black Ash with Solid Ash
Edgings - rounded
American Black Walnut with
Solid Walnut Edgings - rounded

Please note:

Whilst every effort has been taken to accurately place our range of finishes on this web page,
the natural changes and imperfections of natural wood should be taken into consideration.
Additionally, the finishes represented here will be affected by your computer monitor’s colour rendering.

Black Ash
Black PU over Ash Veneer
NO Cost Option

Light Oak
NO Cost Option

American Black Walnut

NO Cost Option


NO Cost Option


Silver Ash
Silver PU over Ash Veneer
Available to Special Order


Available to Special Order


Available to Special Order

Dark Oak

Available To Special Order


Rose Tinted Walnut
Available to Special Order






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