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When it’s right, it just sounds real!

MJ Acoustics was created to pursue an ideal, namely to reproduce the most natural-sounding, true-to-life bass possible. We have been perfecting our ideal for over twenty years with a comprehensive line of unrivalled bass systems from entry-level to no-compromise. Hand-built entirely in the UK, MJ Acoustics audio products are beautiful to behold and a treat to listen to.  If you’re serious about your Audio, then MJ Acoustics welcomes you to our little corner of creative audio heaven.  This website contains references and images showing the various processes undertaken throughout the manufacturing steps. Make no mistake, we do actually manufacture our products here in our factory tucked away in the heart of Cambridgeshire, situated on the Norfolk border, a stone’s throw away from the King’s Sandringham Estate.

We consider Bass frequencies as the foundation for the musical spectrum, much as a car’s chassis provides the foundation for optimum road holding and suspension performance. The full development of music’s all-important midrange is reliant on properly defined bass. Unfortunately, all too many competing subwoofers cannot combine the necessary ingredients for “Properly Defined Bass”. Further, these products have strongly contributed to the beliefs of many audiophiles that bass frequencies created by a separate enclosure cannot be effectively integrated with high-performance loudspeakers. Quite the contrary!

Take a look at why MJ Acoustics is unique – you might just be surprised at how much expertise is hidden beneath an MJ Sub-Bass System’s outer shell.

Do not settle for anything less than a subwoofer manufactured by the UK’s solely British-owned 100% dedicated specialist.

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