Welcome to MJ Acoustics and Hoer-An! 

Hoer-An is an  MJ Acoustics licensed dealer in Germany. We are in fact MJ Acoustics Principal Dealer for Germany at this time specializing in Master-Class.
Michael Imhof
Hifi- Heimkino -Multiroom Components
Mittelstraße 34
63741 Aschaffenburg    Email: info@hoer-an.com
Telephone +49 (0)1525 3330651

For many years, we have offered subwoofers from this specialist manufacturer. We have sold many products from across the range and have not yet found any better products even though we have tested the subwoofers of many manufacturers in the industry. This is a very powerful statement to make and we would be very pleased to offer you the opportunity to come to our showroom and hear for yourself a demonstration of what we are excited about.

The development philosophy of MJ Acoustics is the production of accurate acoustic bass with outstanding speed and exceptional timbre from each subwoofer they manufacture.  MJ Acoustics Subwoofers are designed for use with the very best loudspeaker systems available. For this reason, almost all models are closed construction (Infinite Baffle designs).

We have a service agreement with John Jefferis, owner of MJ Acoustics. We are responsible for the complete processing for our German customers’ warranty. In the 6+ years, we have been selling MJ Acoustics subwoofers, we have not had a single defect yet. However, there is always the possibility and you should be confident you are in good hands at Hoer-An.

For our German customers, we have translated the information and our own experience of the individual models in the ranges.

We have a  pre-selection of available models in our showrooms. In our permanent screening you will find 6 chosen models between 610, – and about 7500, – Euro. In addition, all other models are available to order but not on permanent demonstration. 

Enjoy taking a look at this English web site from the manufacturer and when you are ready please follow the link to read what we have to say about these very special subwoofers from MJ Acoustics on our web site pages. To visit the German site of Hoer-An Hifi please click this link.

Michael Imhof

These subwoofer models from MJ Acoustics can be found in our permanent exhibition

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