Read the most powerful words about our products you’re ever likely to read. Customers who own MJ Acoustics products have kindly written to us, giving a testimonial of their experience.


Thanks for the prompt Feedback and support! I did purchase a cable as recommended and it worked fantastically. The sub sounds awesome. my former Sub sounded just bloated and made listening to music annoying. The Reference 100 Mk2 sounds exactly as I had hoped. Fast and dry, makes listening to Rock and Metal especially enjoyable.

Thanks for your great product and support,


Moritz Meißner

Many thanks, especially to Keith, for all his invaluable help setting up my REF 100 sub together with my new Denon AVR amp.
Both are now working in perfect harmony, and these subwoofers are indeed the best product out there.
I am a novice audiophile but with the extremely patient help from Keith at MJ Acoustics  I am learning quickly.
First class products and first class customer service.
Thanks, Steve Cruse.

I have bought a Reference 800 and I am very happy, its so complete !!!!! Its very Good!
I had a Velodyne DD18 before and this is Better

Best Regards
Peter Martinsson


Just wanted to let you know that my sound is better than ever.
More air and deeper lows. Although my Monitor Audio speakers are able to let me hear the 20Hz frequencies, the bass is more smooth now and it looks/feels likes my speakers are breathing.

Listening to Lee Ritenour’s Rythm Session right now and it’s just amazing how i rediscover this album.

I’m very happy with the results, big thanks!


Good afternoon.

I could not find a forum on your site where I could leave a message of appreciation for your help.

I drove up to Wisbech from the South coast yesterday with my Reference 1 subwoofer which after some 7 years of constant use had developed a crackle. Instead of repairing it and sending it back by courier you decided to fix it there and then while I waited just because I had driven so far.

The repair you made was perfect as was evident when it was re-installed following my return home last night. The difference it makes to my system is huge and I was delighted to have it back.

My grateful thanks to Keith and also to John who made the repair so quickly and efficiently. (I was on my way home within 30 minutes of arrival).

Excellent service which was very much appreciated – thank you and very well done.

R. Black

Hello MJA Tech

A big thank you for

Helping me better understand my Reference 200 sub & getting my equipment to work together
A very quick support reply
Your very in depth email & attached manuals / information
I was not expecting a reply of this quality

My 2 channel listening has now been transformed into something wonderful

Brilliant support for an equally fantastic product

Can’t thank you enough

Paul Marlow
Burton upon Trent

Reference I Mk3

FAO John,

Hi John,

Many thanks for your call last evening, it was much appreciated, although apologies are due, as I felt I was rather brief at the time owing to being ‘tied up’ at the time and not quite in the best position to chat. Being underneath a car attempting to repair brakes is not the best place to be when the phone rings, sorry.

In response to your call, I can only say thank you. Your ‘turn around’ time was very quick, which is always a bonus when something in daily use is away for repair, and as a result of reconnecting and fitting the unit back into the cabinet, everything was back to normal, as expected.

It’s always a little difficult to know if something is performing ‘better’ than before, due to the replacement of new or superior parts (and possibly more so in the case of a sub, which is there to enhance the overall performance of a system), but without a doubt the Ref1 does its job in my system extremely well.

I purchased the Ref1 after quite a number of demonstrations of other subs, but it was the MJ that integrated into the system (both on demo and in my own!) more so than any other. I experienced a number of systems that could sound very good, but the sub invariably stood out as an independent contributor to the sound. The MJ didn’t do this at all and on every occasion integrated into the system and ‘disappeared’. Numerous individuals listen to my (relatively small) JBL Control 1 Pro’s and cannot believe that they produce the quality of sound and the levels of bass that appears to be emanating from them!!! (albeit that the five JBLs are being driven with around 600W). The MJ is hidden behind a nearby arm chair, but the whole performance is completely integrated and the sound always appear to come from the soundstage as one would expect. And this doesn’t matter whether it’s pure music being played or (in most cases) it’s the soundtrack to a good DVD.

Many thanks again for your assistance with this one,


Gordon D

XENO 5.1 System

Received my system today everything in order.
I wish I had been put onto this when it first came out.

I am over the moon.

I would describe the speakers as mellow which is what I like, neither too deep bass wise,
or too bright I can’t stand voice sibilance.

So to sum up, I’m well please and chuffed with your service.

Take care . J. Thomas.

XENO 5.1 System

This is the first time that I have written to a manufacturer congratulating them on a product.

I have owned them all, Mission. Kef. Mordaunt Short, Tannoy, Acoustic Energy and a host of others.

I’d like to meet the person who designed the XM1 speakers, neither too much bass or treble no sibilance, I would describe them as mellow and very accurate, just what my ears have been waiting for. They are like putting on an old pair of slippers. I don’t get tired of listening to them and I bet they improve further when they have been run in.

The sub and centre speaker ooze confidence.

What I like is that they can stand on their own in straight stereo without having to have the sub kicking in. The finish and overall good looks, coupled with a compact size are a feat in design.

I live in a small house and have put my system together working from the back. I can’t use the XM1 as the rears cos they are a tad too big, so I have opted for Tangent Evo 4 for rear left and right, and for rear back left and right. the speaker finish compliments the XLM1’s

Well that’s about it, I would like to thank Tangent cos I started with these first, and looked to find a manufacturer that would compliment their finish, I took a chance on you and have been rewarded.

D. Young.

PRO 50 Mk2

firstly i would like to thank you for such a stunning product. i bought your pro 50 mk2 sub woofer the day i heard it at the bristol what hifi show and was very pleased with it i have it connected to my arcam avr250 cinema amp via the speakon connection and the phono one for films and i was so impressed by the lift in performance of cd’s, i always thought my old sub was good enough for bass (wharfdale sw150) but oh how wrong i was. i know its taken a long time to thank you but i have been busy listening to all my cd’s again and finding so much more in them that i just never knew was there.

so thank you very much and also thank you to your enquires department who helped my with my bridge tied load quiry.

many thanks mark dix seriel pro50 mk2 eb2 2919

REF 100MK2

Hello all at MJ Acoustics !

First of all, thanks for sending me a PDF of the user manual for my Reference 100 MKII. I don’t know what I did with the original.

I purchased this high-quality piece of audiophile equipment in March of this year (2006). I bought it on-line from Superfi. I can’t honestly remember exactly what I paid for it, but I can assure you that whatever it was it was well worth the money !

I have it paired up with a pair of B&W 601 Series 2’s which I’ve had for around 6 years.
I’m more of a traditionalist in hi-fi technology; I still haven’t got into the AV surround sound game yet. Maybe one day I will but for now I stay with my two channel system.
The sound quality from my system pre sub-woofer was great in the sense of clarity and volume, which is to be expected from B&W’s. However, it was lacking that bottom end tone and power, especially at low and medium volume.

I initially bought a less expensive sub from my local Richer Sounds, (not meant as a disparaging remark towards them) around the £150 mark, can’t remember the make or model, but I took it back within a day, as it just didn’t blend in with my system. It had very little control on it and it just seemed to “boom” no matter what type of music it was processing. It seemed to turn the sound quality of my system from a reasonable quality separates collection, into a run-of-the-mill all in one system that could be purchased from any high street electrical retailer

Naturally, when I decided to fork out a bit more readies on a quality sub, I was a bit nervous, thinking I could have wasted more money.


This sub is quite simply outstanding!

I’m a rock and blues man myself, my wife likes these to a point, but Soul and Hip Hop are her favourites. This sub handles the lot. Whether it is fast aggressive heavy rock, more melodic blues, or the pounding but slower bass of hip hop.

This sub enhances my B&W’s; it lets them concentrate on the mid and high frequencies. My system is complete!

What is very important to me about this sub is that it sounds just as good at low volume levels as it does at higher levels, which is very important to me, as although I do like to play my music loud when I can, there are times of the night when this is just not practicable due to sleeping children, neighbours etc.

Thanks to John’s help with programming from the remote, I’ve now got her tuned in perfectly. I have the gain set at 50 for blues, 47 for rock, 45 for Hip Hop and take her right down to 40 for action films.

If you are a rock fan and you want to audition this sub, my I suggest you listen to Golden Earing’s Radar Love. First listen via a quality pair of speakers, and listen again with the sub!!!!! Oh the bass guitar sound!

Try watching the X Men Last Stand with this sub wired into your system – WOW!


Thanks very much for making such a quality sub that improves my system.

Best regards,

Iain Macdougall
An expat Scot living in Cardiff

REF 100MK2

Hi John,
I am back from India after setting up my AV system. We enjoyed listening to the system with friends and family members. Using both the LFE and high level input have helped the sound stage and depth of music. MJ REF100Mk2 lived up to my expectation and sounded really good for movies and even better for music.

Thanks for your help.

Shekhar Sharma

REF 100Mk2

MJA Tech
Thank you for your prompt response to my query regarding my subwoofer. have tried your recommendations and I am now over the moon. I did not realise what a difference a good subwoofer would make to my movie collection. And my music CDs have come to life Pink Floyd have never sounded so good. Once again thank you for your help and also making such a good product.

Cheers mick fail…

REF 100Mk2

Hello John
I would like to offer you feedback.

I am listening to the REF 100MK2 while writing to you and I cannot stop smiling as the performance of this subwoofer is truly outstanding, I feel it adds a new dimension to whatever type of music I am listening to. This subwoofer rocks when Queens of the Stone Age rock, it pounds when King Tubby comes to town, Nas now delivers his rhymes over either a loose and fluid funk groove or a tight, aggressive soundscape and when Harry Mudie’s frequencies appear, their subtly and detail are highlighted with clarity and beauty.

I have used this subwoofer in a number of hi-fi combinations, personally I prefer valve amplifiers but the REF 100MK2 performs extremely well with any set up that I have tried. I am currently using the Leak Stereo 20 with a Conrad Johnson pre amp and my word the results are pretty damn good. I have also paired this with a Cyrus 8 vs and originally with a Rega Brio and it still performs great.

It is extremely difficult in trying to communicate to people why they should buy a subwoofer for their system (and oh how they should) it is not until you hear your system with a subwoofer you truly realise what you are missing . What all us audio people are striving for is the best sound we can achieve and if you have not bought a subwoofer then you are missing a great big huge piece of the puzzle.

I must mention one aspect that I think elevates MJ Acoustics above other manufactures, I have never experienced customer service like this before, any problems or queries that I have had have been dealt with quickly and efficiently, they have been courteous and knowledgeable in all communications that I have had with them concerning various aspects of the two subwoofers that I have purchased.

If you are thinking about buying a MJ Acoustics subwoofer, I would strongly recommend one, it will change your life .
Stephen Kerr

REF 200

Reference 200 sub, with a hum using Denon AV Amp !!!

I have recently purchased a Reference 200 sub which I intend to use for home cinema only. The sub was bought on the strengths of all the reviews I found on the net and magazines, the sub arrived and was eagerly unpacked and connected up. I used the LFE phono connections from my amp to this new sub and used the phono lead as supplied with the sub, as the lead supplied was a 5 meter one, it was great for positioning the sub in my room.

The sub was fantastic, bringing great punch, slam and depth to my favorite dvd’s, the sub is fast and can go scarily low, more than enough to make light fittings and door handles rattle !!

The first time I switched off my av amp there was a very annoying low hum in the room, so I changed the phono lead as supplied to a (shorter) QED sub lead that was made up for me by Seven Oaks for my previous sub. This helped a fair bit but I still had a quieter hum! This hum by the way could be silenced when you touched the phono plug of the sub lead! So I bought an award winning QED PS-W screened sub lead, which still didn’t solve the problem!

I contacted MJA for their advice, they were fantastically helpful and E-mailed me that day with some advice.
I have a Denon 3801 -7.1amp, Definitive Technology Pro cinema 80 speakers and a Denon 2910 universal player.

MJA advised me that with a long run of cable I should first steer it away from any electric cables, trailing sockets etc, as this could cause humming, so I did this first, which helped, but only a little. The next thing from MJA was that my Denon 3801 amp had no earth connected on the 3 pin plug, so they suggested I try to create an earth for my amp by using a spare phono lead from any spare socket on the back of the amp, and actually connecting the earth core of the phono cable only to the earth terminal inside a mains wall socket, If I was competent of course or use an electrician. This all sounded a little strange but I used the QED sub lead that Seven Oaks had made for me, cut off the Q-nex plug, removed the outer jacket to reveal, one red lead, one white and a bare earth. I have connected the bare copper earth to the earth side of the mains socket face plate (green and yellow), re connected everything and hey presto MJA have come up trumps once more!!!! No more hum…. One peaceful lounge.

This sub is a beast, I don’t know how this amount of sound pressure can come from such a small enclosure, which by the way measures 12″ or so in width, height and depth, but can also be musical and calm when not required for effects and gives great warmth to your midrange.
I could go on all day about this sub but have only two things left to say………… Thanks to MJA for your help and advice and secondly if you haven’t already bought a Reference 200……get one bought! You will NOT be disappointed.

A Parkinson
Lincolnshire UK


Dear John

Some weeks ago I contacted you about a suitable sub unit to partner with my digital practice organ. You very kindly recommended the REF 1 Mk 3 and organized a dealer for me to deal direct with, in rather unusual circumstances compared with the usual Hi Fi purchaser. Although the REF I MK3 was over my budget, I am absolutely thrilled with the results!

The organ has been totally transformed by now having the full bass response needed (down to 16Hz) and also by the performance of the sub at higher frequencies which has made the pedal section of the organ seem so much more effortless in the room. In particular, it is possible to achieve weight in the bass without loudness or boom.

Many thanks for your help and support, and all the best for the future of MJ.

“Professional Musician” Name not shown for personal reasons.

REF 100 MkII

Re: – MJ Reference 100 Mk 11 that I recently purchased from [Superfi Stockport] I approached the purchase with some trepidation as the equipment I use is of British Vintage Stock,
The main components being a Billy Beard BB100 18 valve amplifier / Rogers Ls3/5a BBC Monitors.
The Rogers Ls3/5a’s are justifiable famous for their soundstage and the ability to reproduce voice/music but are little “Bass Light”`
So after a little research and also MJ being a UK company, I settled for the MJ Ref 100 Mk11.
After a very straight forward connection to the equipment and everything left at the factory settings and allowed to warm up, on went the music!!
I was not prepared for what a difference the Ref 100 made, the enhancement to the lower frequencies is simply astonishing, the MK11 compliments the
Ls3/5a’s so well it is hard to describe, let’s just say “brilliant” the best add on I have ever purchased for my system.
Congratulations to all at MJ for a well thought out product.


D. Rawden
Manchester UK.

Our reply to this unexpected compliment:

Mr Rawden.

Just thought I would drop you a reply email following yours.

I walked in the office this morning to be greeted with “Mail from an end user which needs your attention”. That normally means a tech problem so I sat down and read the content of your mail.

Every so often we receive a testimonial which stands apart from the rest in the way it is put together and delivered. Yours certainly does that and I can tell you that there are a good number of smiling faces here today. Thank you very much for your kind words. Great boost in moral.

A great deal of thought and hard R&D work has gone into the development of the Reference range as a whole and so your comments are very well received indeed.

With your agreement we would like to be able to post this along with many others, when we get round to it, on our web site for other prospective customers to read. Testimonials from end users who have put their money where their mouth is, is much more important to MJ Acoustics than any review from a magazine.

Once again thank you. I do hope you will be agreeable to our request.

Warmest regards
John Jefferis
MJ Acoustics

Mr D Rowden replied:

Hello Mr.Jefferis
Please use the testimonial in any way you deem necessary, It was easy to write as the 100 Mk11 performs in such an exemplary manner. It is British sound engineering at its best.
If you ever get a chance to try your MJ equipment alongside the famous Jim Rogers BBC Ls3/5a’s and a decent British valve amp I am sure you will be pleased with the result as I am. You only have to see the price Ls3’s are bringing to see how they are sought after. The purists may not agree with me but I let my ears do the listening and the Brits do make the best sounding HiFi in the world.
Once again congratulations on an excellent unit.

REF 100 Mk2

AV Yamaha RX-V1600
Speakers Monitor Audio Radius 225 and KEF QS 165

Although being a little behind the times with the surround sound scene I have always enjoyed quality sound systems at home and have been using NAD equipment and Mordaunt-short speakers for my last set up.
The new equipment above is proving to be exceptional both in the film and music mode. I spent a long time to select the sub-woofer and although I was a little sceptical when Sevenoaks recommended ‘yourselves’ as this was not an audio name I was familiar with.
However on completing some research, What HI-FI etc , I found MJ Acoustics to come ‘highly recommended’ from a variety of sources and began listening to this sub-Woofer in various of sound rooms and was impressed by the quality of sound. Having now purchased the reference 100 Mk11 and wired it for both High and low level outputs and used it in my lounge which is L-shaped 6mts by 4mts and I am astonished by both the power and clarity of sound that it gives to my CD and DVD collection.
This Sub-Woofer in my system works incredibly well and I cannot tell you the extra dimension this gives to my listening pleasure. If there is one part of my system that I am most impressed with and is cost effective it is the 100Mk11.It is a quality Sub that is solid, well engineered and I would recommend this product to be put on anyone’s shortlist. I now am looking forward to listening to both hi-fi and films for many years to come.

Thank you
Brian Powell
North Somerset

REF 100 MkII


I have the sub connected to Denon AVR3803
Thanks for your reply, you were correct I had the remote setting set incorrectly.
The remote now works fine and the device comes out of standby with less effort than before.
As suggested it may well be an ideal to make some amendments to the manual to clarify this area.

I am very pleased with the sub, it has blended in well with my current setup.


Brian Houghton. UK

REF 100 MkII

Dear MJ Acoustics,

I have recently purchased a MJ Acoustics Reference 100 Mk II subwoofer. Could I firstly say that the build quality and features (including the digital display and remote control) are excellent.

While the instructions are clear and easy to follow, this is my first subwoofer I am unsure about the settings I need to be aiming for when setting it up.

Would it be possible for you to give me a rough idea of the “Hi” and “Ro” settings that I should be aiming for based on my current system; Rega Alya loudspeakers and Rega Cursa 3 /Maia 3 Pre & Power Amps and Rega Jupiter CD Player.

Many thanks

Hugh Mackle

REF 100 MkII


Many thanks indeed for your comprehensive advice.

I followed your suggestions and I am pleased to say that there is a big improvement in bass delivery but without being ‘overblown’. I have moved the sub away slightly from the corner; disconnected the High Level lead; changed the AV setting to ‘large’ speakers rather than previously set ‘small’; left the ‘RO’ at 80hz and set the ‘LO’ to around 50. I also changed the phase to zero which I felt had a slight effect (may be my imagination!). Probably the biggest improvement came from changing the speaker size – this really has had the effect of integrating the sound. Before the Mordaunt Shorts sounded ‘thin’ against a boomy sub. Pink Floyd’s the Dark Side of the Moon sounded stunning last evening!

Paul Moon

REF 100 MkII


Thanks for getting back to me. I eventually done the sensible thing and went to a dealer to take a look at the sub. I bought one and I’m very pleased with it. I decided to go the MJ ref 100 mkII rather than the REL quake due to the larger driver and the handy remote feature.

Paul Wilson

What lead to this mail from Paul Wilson follows below:

To: sales@mjacoustics.co.uk
Subject: Query regarding: Reference 100 MKII


I’m currently looking at buying a small sub for my home cinema set-up. The MJ Acoustics Reference 100 MKII is on my short list, however i have some queries as I can’t find a review of it anywhere.

The MKI got some good reviews and looking at the pictures of the MKI,
there was plenty of switches to specify SLAM or DEPTH and also set the high and low levels. I have some queries about the MKII, if you
wouldn’t mind emailing me back with the answers.

Does the MKII have controls for SLAM / DEPTH switch, high and low levels? Just from the picture, there looks to be just one knob.

Regarding the remote control and the four presets, are the presets user configurable? E.g. can I set up preset 1 to have x amount of high level and y amount of low level etc.

How long is the cable on the remote control sensor?

Paul Wilson

Our reply:

MJA Sales wrote:


So sorry for the delay in responding to you. Email problems here resulting in the delay.

The REF 100mk2 has significantly more features than the mk1 and also come with more slam and depth as standard. The driver has been increased from 8″ to 10″. The control panel may look simple with one knob but it is fully computer controlled using the latest DAMP 2nd generation
configurable feature set. Pressing the button in scrolls through the extensive menus and turning the button changes the settings. Quite simple but very user friendly.

There is infinite adjustments for Phase, Xover and gains and all these can be saved in any of 4 preset storage areas. The settings can all be as different as you like. Even the display brightness and the many other settings can be stored.

The area of slam and depth switches which are offered on some competitors products does little to assist in the proper integration of the correctly designed and manufactures subwoofer. Basically these
switches select an artificial boost at a given frequency to enhance the impression of depth.

All MJ Acoustics subs have maximum depth and slam built in, and at the same time, deliver a flat response down to the given specifications.

The Remote eye is 2m long.

Hope this helps


MJA Sales

REF 150 Mk2


Thank you for your quick response on my question. Last night I spend working on your answer and I must say: It worked great! Now I’m experiencing deep bass but I’m now completely happy. I’m working with Monitor Audio RS 1 monitor speakers which can go as low as 43Hz, but my feeling is that this frequency is not optimal used on the RS1. I’m trying to get to best of this combination, so I have to try and try. If you have any tips how it can be done, feel free to notice me.

And of course MJ Acoustics can put my question on the FAQ. May you can even tell that the 0 is the most and 9 is the least setting for the sensitivity of auto power on feature.

So great sub and great support. So my choice for MJ Acoustics over a REL subwoofer is a good one !

Patrick Broo.
The Netherlands

REF 200

I just wanted to express my delight at finally getting a Reference 200 home and linking it to my system. I am using it with Tannoy Arena speakers (it is a smallish room and domestic acceptability was a major consideration!) but it was always the intention to use the Ref 200 rather than the packaged Tannoy sub unit due to the Ref 200’s better controllability (and better clout!).
My listening is about 75%music and 25% cinema and purists would probably scoff at the thought of such small satellites with a sub but it is a tribute to the capabilities of the Reference 200 that it integrates superbly with the Tannoys for both uses. ( My previous speakers were Kef reference 104/2’s so it had a lot to live up to!)
Finish and build quality is superb and I look foward to many years of service from the unit.
I am using the LO input connectors at present so look foward to adding the HI input link to enhance the sound even further.

Anyway, thanks from me for a great (British) unit that does the business with both music and movies and from my wife for the domestic acceptability. Now, about knocking the dining room wall down and getting the Ref 1…………………………….

Clive Bunker

REF 200

Dear Sir/Madam,

At first congratulations for your products, I think they’re of superb (sound and construction) quality! I have an MJ Reference 200 subwoofer and I’m in the process or running/breaking it in (not sure what the correct word is).


REF 200

I would like to thank MJ Acoustics for an excellent piece of equipment, the Reference 200 subwoofer. Now I’ve set it up I can appreciate the amount of work that has gone into making this product, like the 4 presets that can be controlled from the remote control, and the fine adjustments that can made to set the sub up just to your exact preferences. I was using the THX sound disc to help set it up and the sub followed the sound sweep rite down to 20HZ with no trouble at all. The bass is so clean I’m hearing sounds on film sound tracks I haven’t heard before. I would like also like to thank John from MJ Acoustics for his help and time too.

Well-done MJ Acoustics.


Phil Howarth

Thanks for your reply, I now have the Sub & have been playing with it over the weekend. I bought it from HiFiBitz who offered a great selection to choose from but I bought the Ref 200 on the strength of the reviews. I have made the right choice, not only does it look good, the light oak finish matches the lounge furniture, and has stopped my Wife dead in her tracks moaning about ‘a black box stuck in the corner’.

The performance is awesome even at reduced ‘running in’ levels. Set up was challenging to get optimum results for various applications but it was worth the time and effort to set it up properly, I have used both the high level speakon connections and single line LFE input, the two together seem to give the best results and I will tweak the settings when the Sub is well bedded in.

I wish your company every success, with products like this on offer I am sure you will continue to thrive.

Best regards

Derek Burgess, Doncaster. UK
Reference 200

Dear MJ Acoustics,

Just bought the little Pro 50 and what staggering little sub this is. My old faithfull REL strata 2 has been shoved in the corner for low level DVD grumble but I still yearned for something to use at high level when listening to music.

Two criteria

1 . It had to be small (the wife)
2. It had to be cracking (me)

Eventually it boiled down to two subs. Your Pro 50 and the REL Quake. I have to say that the quake was superb but yours was even better. Controlled, deep, musical and infinitely adjustable. Stunning. What else can I say.

Thank you

Alex, Oakham, Rutland. UK.
Pro 50

I phoned you regarding the setup of the above sub together with my existing Tannoy MX10 sub hooked up to the centre speaker high level and the MJ Acoustics low level phono….can I just say thanks as the results were amazing…my centre speaker came to life, my whole system was much more detailed and the low level basss from the MJ Acoustics Ref 100 was just amazing… Many thanks for your time and patience on the phone in helping me with this and for making such a great value sub for the money…

Best Regards

Martin Crawley, Derry City. Northern Ireland.
Reference 100

I am delighted with my Reference 100. I listened to an REL Quake too in the shop. The REL puts out at least as much bass as the Ref 100, however the control is nowhere near the level of the MJ. The light oak veneer finish is extremely good, can’t think why anyone would buy a black one. I found the sub very easy to set up and integrate into the system. I am running it through my own custom high-level cable crossed over at 42Hz. It integrates so well that my housemate amazedly remarked that it was as if the extra depth was coming from my main speakers, just as it should be. I listen to a whole range of music from classical to metal. One of my favourite groups are the Jazz Pistols, a German ‘energy jazz’ trio. Their virtuoso, fret burning bass player uses six-string basses to great effect which the Ref 100 keeps up with in style and a very firm grip. Very quick, very controlled and a joy to listen to whatever you play.

Keep up the good work and feel free to quote me on your website.

All the best

Jonathan Calow, Chesterfield. UK
Reference 100

After a couple weeks of running the Reference 100 sub in, it sounds fantastic with whatever I play – vinyl, CDs, DVDs, or the latest multichannel audio discs. Set up was easy and support from MJ Acoustics has been excellent. I am very pleased with this product and it has integrated very nicely with all my other equipment too. Now I don’t know how I managed without one before. A very worthwhile, value-for-money purchase.
Martin Kyprianides, Berks. UK
Reference 100

Having recently upgraded to a Reference 100, I can honestly say I am very happy with my new purchase. Of the subs I auditioned this model was noticeably better than its rivals, giving a new dimension to both music and movies. It actually outperforms higher priced models from other manufacturers in my opinion, and perfectly complements my Arcam DV89 and AVR300.

Rich Southgate, Southampton, UK.
Reference 100

I recently purchased your Reference 100 Sub after having my Boston Acoustics stolen whilst moving house. The 100 absolutely destroys the Boston in terms of its frequency range and quality of bass and has really completed my audio-visual setup. I will absolutely recommend your speakers to friends.

Thank you

Michael Bartlett Balham, London. UK
Reference 100

Thanks for your help.
Reference 100
I purchased the above this weekend and it has changed my listening experience. I agree that if it plays music slap a subwoofer to it.
I was worried by all the salesmen that REL would be the best, but after serious listening the MJ sub is far superior. I had previously owned a Paradigm sub which impressed me initially but soon gave me listener fatigue over a period.
What is most important is that whilst it looks good it also manages to disappear from an audio point of view.Like Formula 1 to win overall you must be using a Ferrari, with the MJ sub you also get Michael Schumacher driving it.A wonderful piece of kit…. Well Done.

Adrian Bone – Fleet. Hants. UK
Reference 100

I have recently purchased a pre-owned Pro 50 for use in a reasonable quality audio system.

I always thought that sub-woofers were either for mini bookshelf speakers or Indiana Jones fans but having, almost by accident, stumbled across several favourable press reports of the MJ Acoustics range used in audio systems I decided that what they were saying probably made sense.

When the Pro 50 came up for sale, the price was reasonable so what the hell!

I cannot believe the difference this piece of kit has made. Not only does my system go much deeper but the whole mid-range has opened right out. I now get a greater sense of ‘being there’ without resorting to the excessive volume levels which used to cause the system to shout during loud passages. And all from a domestically acceptable 300mm cube.

I also found setting up the PRO 50 relatively easy despite the fact that others have indicated that the procedure requires the equivalent of a degree in the black arts. When all the instruments in the orchestra sound in the right place, with the right weight, you’ve cracked it!

All in all a super product which has transformed my system.

Best Regards

Geoff Lord – Solihull. UK
Pro 50

Just to let you know that after your guidance regarding the purchase of either the Pro 50 or Reference 100, I opted for the latter.

I must say that the benefit of adding this excellent sub to my already great sounding system was quite astounding. It created a real rich depth to the whole soundstage, I could hear so much more from my main speakers.

All I can say is that everyone who likes quality sound should purchase the Reference 100 today.

It is a fantastic unit at a fantastic price.

Keep up the good work, and best wishes to you all at M.J. Acoustics.

Ian Goldthorpe – Blackpool. UK
Reference 100

I recently bought the MJ Acoustics Pro 100 and Pro 50 both in the Beech special finish. The units look absolutely outstanding – compliments to the team involved in the manufacture, excellent.

The Pro 50 on the centre channel makes a huge difference all round enriching both dialogue and overall delivery. What can I say about the Pro 100 – fantastic ! I’m using both the high and low level inputs simultaneously (the high for the front speakers) and I’m getting superb performance on both movies and music – glad I can control the two gains independently.

Finally, thanks for your help with setup and during the “learning period” after the units arrived. Everything is all settled in now and running well.

Thanks again to yourselves and to your team for 2 fantastic units – glad to see British engineering is alive and well and living in Wisbech.

All the very best for the future

Steve Sinclair – UK
Pro 100
and Pro 50

It was a pleasure talking to you regarding the recent purchase of the Reference 150 subwoofer. As suggested I thought that I would express sincere satisfaction of ownership of this product. In such a fiercely competetive market, it is difficult to find a product that addresses the needs of the discerning video/audiophile. I find the unit integrates seemlessly with my Kef Q7 speaker system and enhances both movie and mutlichannel audio performace way beyond what I had expected. Installation and configuration was idiot-proof and within minutes was pumping low-frequency-effects with aplomb. I found in particular that the opening scene of Lord of The Rings was delivered with seismic gusto and the shock wave nearly swept me off the couch! The Ref 150’s presence seems to melt away – it is never heard but felt.

So thank you once again for your advice and product, not to mention helping me part with money well spent!!


East Yorkshire. UK
Reference 150

I have to say that this subwoofer is miles ahead of anything I have auditioned. (I have the Reference 100) I run it at 11.00 iclock on the dial and it has a strong presence and with music, my main reason for getting a sub, it is tight, quick and integrated seemlessly. I am lucky enough to have the only one in Australia bought in by the Distributors. I tried the Rel Q150e and even though that is 150 watts, it didn’t integrate well. It would be my second choice though but thankfully I have come across the MJ. I have high end Dynaudio Contour speakers and this is magic. Congratulations to you all at MJ for a thoughtfull and very fine product. If you need a testimonial, you have it.


Andre Szarukan – Austrailia
Reference 100

Dear sir`s,

Just a quick note to let you know how impressed i am with the Reference 1 sub, I am using it with the kef reference 2 speakers. The kefs as good as they are i`ve always felt that they do lack bass extension. I bought the reference 1 a week ago, it took about an hour of tweaking at the controls to balance in the sub. the kefs LF starts to roll off at 45 hz hence i slightly overlapped the sub to start at 48hz, the high input gain controll set at the 9.30 pos with the phase at the 12.00 pos. The bass extension and sound quality is mindblowing !!. The midband is more open and natural sounding and the deepest bass lines can be followed with ease without ever sounding overpowering, its as if i`ve spent a few thousand pounds on knew speakers, thats the difference its made to my system. The beauty about it is that you can`t hear the sub at work, it just looks like a piece of furniture.

Congratulations on a superby designed and engineered product.
Best Wishes From a very happy customer.

P.S Been playing pinkfloyed wish you were here cd this aft, could here and feel bass lines i never knew existed on a couple of tracks, and thats listening at normal to highish volume levels.

Thankyou once again.

All the Best.

Steven Kulmatycki – Huddersfield. UK
Reference 1

Just thought I would drop you a note to say how happy I was with my new Reference 1 subwoofer. I am using it in a high-end set up with Martin Logan Aerius i speakers, which are exrtemely efficient, but do lack bass extension. With the Reference 1 subwoofer, the sound-stage and depth is now amazing. Not just in the bass; rather, across the mid-range. My system has suddenly come to life. With music such as Mahler it truly is dynamic.

EG Goodwin – UK
Reference 1

Hi Phill, connecting the system as we discussed has caused me to be thrown out of the street for scaring the neighbours! It is absolutely phenominal what that little Pro 50 can do. 5.1 Dolby for DVD and normal stereo for CD are fantastic, clear, crisp and wonderful depth.

I am using B&W VM1 and LM1 for surround and normal stereo. They have excellent mid-range and treble, but lack bass depth. The Pro 50 has filled the gap and then some and using the high and low level inputs has added depth to the mid-range and move the roll-off slightly further up the range.

A fantastic product, very good price and excellent support.

Thank You.

Matthew Kelynack – Guilford. UK
Pro 50

Please find enclosed warranty details for my newly purchased Reference I subwoofer.

I would like to add how happy I am with my purchase. It is used with my Home Cinema with B&W CDM range speakers and has integrated excellently. The accuracy to which the unit can be set is both functional and producing excellent crossover.

Since purchasing the Reference I, I have thoroughly enjoyed re-watching my DVD’s, finding deeper sounds that I was not aware of previously. It produces excellent tight bass with both movie soundtracks and explosions which not only sound realistic but feels realistic too!!

I auditioned various subs from competition including Rel and Kef and the Reference I outshone all these competitors. It came highly recommended by the Hifi centre and I appreciate why.

I would not hesitate recommending this sub to anyone and advise it should be at the top of their listening list. The light oak finish is second to none and fits in our room as another piece of quality furniture.

Keep up the excellent work.

Your Sincerely

James A Lockwood – Huddersfield. UK
Reference 1

As promissed, I’m reporting you my findings on this sub, but first let me thank you personally for the great assistance you gave me during the selection process of this sub-bass system. The attention you gave to my repeated e-mails with questions and doubts was one of the determining factors in my decision.

Next, I would like to thank you and all the MJ Acoustics team for the excellent job in making one the most beautifull subs on the market, both in looks and in sound.

Everything you said about this sub is true: this is a very musical sub capable of reaching 15Hz. I used a 1 minute 15Hz pure sine wave track burned on a CD to test this, and yes it played the 15Hz tone!

This is a really marvellous sub, with an easy and perfect integration with my KEF Q65’s. I followed your advice, and used both the high and low level connections, connecting the front speakers to the high level inputs, and the LFE output of the A/V decoder to the low level input. This setup made it possible to have a linear integration in stereo mode, and a more agressive bass during film sequences, using the high level volume at about 1/4 and the low level volume at about 1/2.

The phase is adjusted at a little more than 0 deg, instead of the 90 deg you suggested. I adjusted this with the help of a friend, running the sub and the main speakers at 40Hz (the crossover point) using a test tone burned in a CD, and adjusting the level so that both the sub and the main speakers had the same level. Then, my friend turned the phase knob from 0 to 180 degrees while I listened on my seat, trying to determine when the bass was most powerfull (sub and mains in phase).

I’m really satisfied with this purchase, and reviewing my current setup, I think I couldn’t have made this kind of integration with a REL Strata, because it doesn’t accept both high and low level inputs simultaneously. On the other hand the MJA Pro100 is every bit as musical as the REL Strata (I’ve heard many RELs), so I think this was one of the best decisions/purchases I’ve ever made.

Best regards, and many thanks,

Orlando A. Muñoz – Lisboa. Portugal
Pro 100

Hello, just a quick note to say I have been using a MJ PRO 50 sub with a pair of B&W CDM 1 SE speakers for about ten months and I am very pleased with the results.

Mr S.A. Legg – Vale of Glamorgan. S. Wales
Pro 50

I would like to express how delighted I have been with the inclusion of an MJA Pro50 in my Hifi setup. I explicitly mention Hifi because this is where its impact has been most important to me.

My first comment would be that I never considered my speakers to be deficient in the low frequency department, according to original specification, they are capable of delivering 33Hz @ -3db. Indeed the dealer I purchased the Pro50from described my speakers as “his nemesis” because anyone he sold a pair of Mission Argonauts to in the late 1980’s could never be persuaded to part with them for something else on the basis of an upgrade.

The first sub I tried with my system was a B&W model borrowed from a friend, at his insistence, for use in my recent entry into home cinema (utilizing my Hifi with a processor). I have to say that the experience somewhat dissuaded me from exploring the idea. I could not get it to integrate, and was always aware of its presence and location.

Then I saw the first review of the Pro50 in What Hifi magazine, which extolled its musical virtues. This grabbed my attention and made me start to think again. I found your website and read the reviews and testimonials and this spurred me on.

The previously mentioned dealer, after a shop demo, let me borrow a Pro50 for the weekend and I never truly expected what would happen. I connected the Pro50 to my power amplifiers via the hi-level speakon socket and within minutes I got the Pro50 to aurally disappear from my ‘ears sight’. I then sat back and enjoyed a ‘fullness’ to the sound I had never heard before. Sure there was probably more bass (though not over the top) but what struck me most was that the quality in the midrange seemed to be greatly improved.

To make sure it wasn’t a case of “I wouldn’t have heard it if I hadn’t believed it” I switched the Pro50 off and listened again – still a good sound but not as good as a few minutes before. All of this with a ‘loan’ model I had not yet purchased, nor had any obligation to.

On the Monday I went back to my dealer, with my cheque book only, and bought it.

The Pro50 to me is one superb way to enhance the sound of a Hifi, there may be other upgrade paths but frankly, for me they would probably cost far more. Your product (the one I have is the standard black) is beautifully made and has a very reassuring feel to its controls, but above all it just works very well!

Finally, I would also like to thank you for the rapid and personal response to my recent query.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Young – Leeds UK
Pro 50

Hi there, well last week I took delivery of the Ref I right to my front door infact and let me advise in no uncertain terms that this is one hell of a piece of kit, its awesome beyond all belief…. my experience of it is not just an auditory one but a physical one as well, it interacts with your clothes your physiology and your surrounding environment, it involves and encapsulates the listener, I love it… congratulations and thanks.


Rob Ansell – Leeds UK
Reference 1

Dear Sir,

I feel I must write to you and congratulate you on your new Pro 50 subwoofer. Little did I know that when I purchased this product, I was about to be most pleasantly surprised and delighted. For many years now I have been a hi-fi enthusiast and the Pro 50 has transformed the rest of my equipment.

About 15 years ago, I purchased a Decca CD recording of Respighi’s Pines of Rome, and played it on a friends very expensive system – the speakers alone were over £2,000!!!. On this system, I heard for the first time a sustained organ pedal note, and since then, I have never heard it again. Imagine my delight, because of the Pro 50, I am now wallowing in that organ pedal, and on my own system!!.

It is not just because of this superb bass response, that I am so pleased about the Pro 50, but also my other CD’s seem to have a warmer acoustics, producing a feel of airiness around the instruments, which is far more agreeable. This is no mean feat in a piece of equipment costing less than £400.

Once again, many thanks for making this customer, very happy indeed.

Yours Sincerely

Roger Phillips – Dorking, Surrey. UK
Pro 50

Dear Mr Jefferis,

Thank you for your letter of 14 December with the high level lead. I have managed to fit this into my amplifier and I am delighted with the results. I listen almost solely to classical music through Quad 33-303 and AVI NuNeutron monitor speakers on bookshelves.

I find the speakers adequate to good with chamber music etc but I do miss too much on orchestral / choral music. I have been interested at times in the possibility of a subwoofer but felt they were aimed at the home cinema field rather than at someone with my interests.

The revelation is that whilst I now have some “real” bass and a largely improved orchestral / choral sound, I also have a much improved sound with the chamber music and solo instrumental sound. I can only describe it as giving a new sense of depth and space. I am thrilled, and still have to fine tune the controls.

I would also like to say how impressed I have been with the level of service you provided. I particularly appreciated being able to talk on several occasions either to yourself of your partner Mr Mason – being a completely impractical person myself. It seemed to me to be going well beyond all reasonable expectations when you telephoned me at 9.30 the other night.

I wish you and your company every success.

Yours Sincerely

Donald Adams – Leeds. UK
Pro 50

Dear MJA,

Thanks for your (and the courier’s) efforts – it arrived 8.20 am Christmas Eve.

It has performed well up to expectations – even my wife admits I’m not totally nuts for wanting to buy one. It fits well into my current system with a pre-power amp driving very old Linn Kans being fed by LP12, CD, video and cable TV.

It has added a new dimension to many tracks and movies – we may even buy some organ music now!

I was a little concerned buying sight-unseen (or rather sound-unheard) but it was definitely an improvement on all the £200 subs I’d listened to – I hadn’t dared to listen to a £500 REL.

Best wishes for your company in 2002.

Leo White – Cheltenham. UK
Pro 50

Dear Sirs,

I took delivery of a Pro 50 subwoofer a week ago and would like to congratulate you on producing a superb product. It has proved to be one of those rare occasions when the reality has lived up to, or even exceeded, not only the producer’s claims but also those of reviewers in the press.

I am a classical music enthusiast and have some speakers which have for many years been very good at producing a highly detailed and musical performance across the range. But recently, being also an organ music devotee, I wondered whether the bass went as deep as the recordings.

There was a distinct cut-off which seemed to be above the really shuddering kind of notes that an organ produces at the bottom end. I bought the Pro 50 after seeing reviews in the Gramophone and What HiFi but without a trial at home, which I thought was a risk. I need not have worried. From the first connection and test (Quad 66 pre- and 606 power amplification) I realised that the bottom octave of music had never been reproduced in my system.

Some experimentation with sound levels and positioning brought me to a very happy state of playing some music which, while being well-known to me, was nonetheless completely fresh. This is true not only of the organ discs but also of almost everything I have put on. Astonishing as it may seem, even harpsichord recordings have some bass fundamentals which I had never heard. The full orchestra is a much more realistic representation than before and the cellos and double basses, to say nothing of the drums, are now taking the place they would in the concert hall.

So I would just like to thank you for an excellent product which I can foresee will add to my musical pleasure for years to come.

Yours sincerely,

James Bruxner CBE – Buntingford. Herts. UK
Pro 50

I use my Pro 50 for listening to classical music and it has added a whole new dimension to my listening pleasure.

Once I learned to keep the volume control down – listen to the music rather than the sub – the effect was pure magic, a fine complement to my (excellent) AVI Neutron III speakers. It is not just a matter of louder bass: the benefits can be very subtle indeed – with every now and then a great thump (well controlled, when it’s needed) to remind me how glad I am the little black box is there..

Many thanks

Eamonn Lawlor – Dublin. Ireland
Pro 50

Dear Mr Jefferis,

This is a note to thank you for your patience in answering all my queries when I telephoned you recently.

I must take the opportunity to say how pleased I am with your Pro 50. I think mentioned that I am still using my old KEF 105’s, mainly because I’ve not found any newer models in the same range that offer a significant improvement, however, the addition of the Pro 50 has had striking results, not only in extending the bass but also in enhancing the overall response.

Keep up the good work and let me have news of any future products. My regards to Mr Mason.

With my good wishes

Yours Sincerely

Geoffrey Hamilton MBE – Hitcham. Suffolk. UK
Pro 50

Just a quick note to say thank you for all the effort you have put into creating the Pro 50 subwoofer. The product has exceeded all of my expectations.

Whilst I only have a very modest system the addition of the Pro 50 has transformed both stereo music and films. It has added both impact and depth, the bass seeming to provide a platform for the higher frequencies, leading to a more open and revealing sound.

When combined with the excellent build quality, it makes the Pro 50 worth every penny.

I wish you every luck in the future.

Yours Sincerely

R.J Ashfiled – Menningtree. Essex. UK
Pro 50

Hi just a short note to let you know I purchased a pro 50 sub on Monday, I have not looked back since. Thank you for a fine product it has brought a new dimension to my listening pleasure.


David Everett.UK
Pro 50

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