Uniquely combined with the state-of-the-art electronics and tuning process, the hand-made cube’s closed cabinet provides the user with the best bass control. Exquisite and beautiful solid wood veneers for high-end furniture aesthetic appeal. The attention to the finest and smallest detailing process quality ensures that this Reference Radial Series subwoofer outputs a fast, tight and deep low frequency. With no overhang, the low frequencies achieved drive down to an amazing 13Hz/-3db required for the most enveloping movie experience. Even for the most demanding movie soundtracks, its low-frequency depth and energy are powerful enough, whilst it still reproduces subtle, flexible, fast and high-definition requirements in the two-channel music listening. The accuracy of the soundstage results in the scene! as the director intended.

When the soundstage is Right it just sounds Real!

Built-in dual-precision crossover networks, freely adjustable between 20Hz and 120Hz, the rear panel of the cabinet provides digital display and control buttons to confirm all settings and operations. Equipped with a Smart Remote control system via Bluetooth BLE communication and an optional infrared remote handset and receiver eye, it is easy to recall 4 sets of user preset parameters. This is a product that you can safely install in any Home Theatre system with complete confidence.

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