Dynamics and Audio Accuracy don’t just present themselves to you.  It comes as a result of design experience and skilful use of manufacturing techniques. Very difficult to achieve near Audiophile quality of sound with a price tag to make affordable to the many, but our design team have worked wonders.  Perhaps harder is the compromise between size and sound quality. Our take on this comes in the form a 5.1 system that has been developed ready for the Hi-Definition Hi-Resolution multi-channel audio signals coming from the latest movie soundtracks.  Couple this speaker package to one of our acclaimed sub-bass systems and you will have an immersive soundstage, that together with a reasonably sized TV picture, will negate the desire to visit the cinema ever again.  Home movies are now a part of our lives and even normal broadcasts are streamed in multi-channel audio detail.

The XENO System

First thing is to explain how to pronounce the name:-
To be honest we don’t mind how you pronounce it just as long as you love them!
But we say:- ZEE KNOW!

Having spent many years perfecting the bass frequency range, our design team were given the task of developing a matched but affordable speaker system that can reproduce true audiophile registers accurately, whilst providing an open soundstage and fast transient dynamics throughout the full frequency range. The lower registers reaching down below 45Hz can be taken care of by MJ’s highly developed current generation of Subwoofers and the Pro 50Mk3 will be available as an entry-level part of the system, thus forming a perfect match developed by a subwoofer specialist manufacturer. An interesting twist on the normal approach by our competitors. We developed the XENO speaker system to match our subwoofers whilst others develop subwoofers to match their speakers.

Apart from the obvious requirement for outstanding audio quality, there are some unique touches provided within the XENO design.
1.High-Grade passive crossover components using the very best tightly wound coils and superior capacitor and resistors.
2.Ability to be fed with a full range signal, removing the need to use bass management.
3.Bass driver technology derived from our extensive experience of subwoofer transducer design.
4.Tweeter employing soft dome technology and higher strength magnets, for sweeter higher frequencies.
5.Cabinet finish matching the finest quality of paint finish with super gloss shine and consistent colour depth.
6.Heavyweight dedicated stands designed to offer maximum stability and ease of room positioning.
7.Boundary effect rear ports to enhance the refraction effects from the lower frequencies.
8.Dedicated and vocally accurate centre speaker with twin bass drivers, additional power handling and extended bandwidth.

For those of our customers that reside in hotter climates, we developed a special finish coating of sandstone particulates.  This is a coloured resin of small particles of crushed sandstone.  When sprayed on the cabinet it leaves a finish that is just jaw-dropping.  the texture is real stone and it looks like the cabinet has been carved out of stone. Of course, it has not been carved out of stone but the effect is stunning and the benefits of stone in the sunlight for installation locations like sun houses and conservatories makes for a wonderful Mediterranean visual appeal.

The speakers can be wall mounted or placed on dedicated stands that have been manufactured to our usual exacting standards with polished black solid cast bases and polished pole. cable management is taken care of by running the cables through the center of the pole exiting the top just close to the speaker binding posts and from under the solid cast base.  A slick installation can be achieved with minimal cable fuss and acceptable levels of clutter.

Alternatively, the speakers can be wall mounted on dedicated wall brackets which offer tilt and pan adjustment once installed.  Cable management in this installation option is a little challenging but with some creative home-DIY can be hidden beneath the wall surface quite successfully.

Each XENO loudspeaker features a critically shaped paper pulp cone mid/bass driver providing transparent and dynamic mid/bass registers. Utilizing technology from our subwoofer drivers we have built into the design an extended cone travel and ultra-linear motor assembly to control the bass accurately down to the rated frequency. The tweeter (treble driver) is a soft textile dome unit with Neodymium magnet, providing complimentary transparent and crisp higher octaves. These drivers are specifically matched to compliment each other and come fully shielded for Audio Visual use in the center channel version. The system is audibly bound together with the inclusion of a high-quality crossover using audiophile matched capacitors and specially wound induction coils to precise specifications. Additionally, each cabinet is handcrafted from high-grade MDF which is finished in a luxury high Gloss quality two-part paint coating.

Each cabinet is meticulously crafted using a combination of precision CNC machinery and skilled carpenters providing the finishing touches. Constructed from high-quality MDF panels which are sprayed with no less than 5 coats of paint and completed to the finest furniture finish. The result is a stunning piece of architecture that finds itself able to blend in with all living environments.

Each cabinet has been placed in an unwoven soft cloth bag to protect the high gloss finish. In each carton there are vinyl stickers to place over the threaded holes in the base should you wish to cover these holes and also 4 sticky rubber feet for each cabinet for shelf mounting. The stickers can be used to cover up the holes that are visible after the wall bracket has been attached. Not all stickers will be required and they are provided as a means of aesthetic improvement only as the threaded holes are sealed from inside the cabinet already.

HF (high frequency) Unit ……………25mm Textile soft dome, Neodymium Magnet damped (magnetically shielded).
MF/LF (mid/low frequency) Unit…150mm paper – pulp diaphragm cone with a 30mm high power magnetic voice coil and rubber surround. (magnetically shielded)
Crossover…………………………………..5 element high power handling filter circuit. 12dB per octave slope at 2kHz high-grade chokes and class A capacitors.
Power handling………………………….Amplifiers up to 100 watts RMS for XM1(Mk2), 120 watts for XC1(Mk2) maximum.
Overall frequency response……….42Hz — 23kHz (with Pro 50Mk2 13Hz—23khz).
Sensitivity………………………………….91dB 1W/1m @ 1kHz
Impedance………………………………..Typically 4 ohms @ 1kHz
Cabinet…………………………………….Precision engineered low resonance reflex enclosure. 15mm high-density MDF. Luxury two pack multi-coated Gloss paint.
Terminals………………………………..Gold plated 4mm coded binding posts.
Weight…………………………………….XC1 6.1Kg & XM1 3.4Kg each.
Dimensions (WxHxD)………………XC1 430 x 180 x 210 mm XM1 180 x 260 x 210mm

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