MJ Acoustics Smart Remote (SR) is an app for tablet or smartphone. SR employs wireless communication technology for use with those subwoofers in the MJ Acoustics range that have SR enabled hardware. No requirement for router connection but with total autonomous communication between subwoofer and smart device is achieved using Bluetooth 4.x data transmission protocol.  Use of your router is not required and the communication between MJ subwoofer and smart device is completely autonomous and direct on a peer to peer basis. The app is currently available for Android, from the Play store and iOS version is under TestFlight development.  The iOS Smart Remote application is issued for use as part of the registration process with our support team.  All app functions and menu contents will be the same for both, Android and iOS operating systems.

 What can it do?

Smart Remote provides the ability to communicate with one or more MJ Sub-Bass Systems bi-directionally enabling the app to display the exact settings the subwoofer is using.  The changes made via the touch-controlled screen are employed instantly and can be made on the fly in real time as music is playing.  A fantastic way to set up and fine-tune your sub-bass system for the purest of HiFi integration.

The full complement of features remains available to the user along with a number of key additional features.

Each subwoofer can be given a Position Name.
Each subwoofer can be allocated in a Group.
Each subwoofer can be muted, either singularly or in Groups.
Each Group can have Gains simultaneously altered.
Real Time Analyser RTA provided to show the effects of the Frequency Spectrum.
Real Time Analyser has Sensitivity and Frequency Range settings.

Download Smart Remote Instruction Manual
With these additional features and the already industry-leading feature set, you are assured of the purest integration and the ability to achieve this all from your chosen listening position. Download the App for free from either the Google Play Store or when available from the Apple APPs Store from your device.

An MJ Subwoofer is a Sub-Bass System like no other!


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