Many subwoofer manufacturers start with the driver — someone else’s driver not one specially designed for their application — a so-called OEM design which is basically off the shelf —  they consider it theirs and continue from there.
That approach has never been an option at MJ. Our Advanced Electro-Mechanical designs require a driver specifically tailored to the sum of its parts mated with parent electronics and cabinet to produce the highest-resolution, ultra-low-distortion bass performance our customers expect in a perfect sound stage. As a result, our drivers yield a natural, pure, uncoloured sound in the lower octaves which you can take as a true audio reference for others to follow.  It is this painstaking attention to detail in the design and implementation of the driver construction that yields perfect integration in an audio system.  MJ Acoustics have products integrated into audio systems around the world that range from the small inexpensive to the most engaging floor-standers that some might think do not require the addition of a subwoofer.  For the most part in relation to our competition, this is arguable.  However, implement an Active Sub Bass system from MJ Acoustics and your audio system at any level takes on a complete and inspiring new dimension.  Frequencies are heard that simply were not present before.

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