MJ Acoustics was created to pursue an ideal, namely
the reproduction of the most natural sounding, true-to-life bass possible.

The key member of the team, John Jefferis, founder, and designer, brings with him a wealth of knowledge gained from extensive experience in Acoustic Sound Engineering, Electronics, Computing and Cabinet-Making industries.  It is this rare combination skill set that hints at why MJ is so unique. For a detailed explanation and to learn some interesting facts about MJ Acoustics product design visit this link The MJ Design Ethos.

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For nearly twenty five years, John and his team have been perfecting their ideal with a comprehensive line of unrivaled sub-bass systems for the entry-level to no-compromise models. Designed, Developed and 100% Hand built entirely in the UK, MJ Acoustics products, considered by many as “works of art”, as beautiful to behold as they are to listen to.

Today, MJ Acoustics has one of the fastest growing product ranges in the entire HiFi high-end sector with loyal international partnerships all over the world and acclaim coming from many high-end audio and home theatre magazines.   Fundamental reliability remains one of our core strengths, matched with a unique approach to design that results in the most musical and dynamic sounding subwoofers available today.  MJ Acoustics is the only 100% British owned specialist dedicated subwoofer manufacturer, and as such offers that British quintessential touch and exquisite attention to the finest and smallest detail.

Bass frequencies are widely accepted as providing the foundation for the musical spectrum, much as a car’s chassis provides the foundation for optimum motor and suspension performance. Full development of music’s all important mid-range is reliant on properly defined bass. Unfortunately, all too many competing subwoofers are not capable of combining all of the necessary ingredients for “Properly Defined Bass”. Further, these products have strongly contributed to the beliefs of some Audiophiles that bass frequencies created by a separate enclosure cannot be effectively integrated with high-performance loudspeakers. WRONG!! With this in mind and the belief that the single most important area for improvement to a sound system is the bass reproduction, MJ Acoustics offers a true audiophile line-up of active Sub-Bass Systems.

Just about every worthwhile form of connectivity possible is incorporated, together with MOSFET amplifier stages, perfectly matched crossover & filter circuits, digital displays, and ultra-efficient Drivers. Employed within each product lies some innovative electronic circuitry which normally only comes with other manufacturers’ top-of-the-range (very expensive) models.

In 2017 we saw the introduction of a truly fantastic system of communication between Sub-Bass System and the remote control device.  It’s called SMART REMOTE and utilises peer to peer wireless connectivity between a smart device and MJ Smart Remote enabled Sub-Bass System.

No cables, complete out-of-sight remote control, and active 2-way communication between subwoofer and display on your handheld device.  Setting up a subwoofer can now be completed with ease and enjoyment from the listening position like never before.  Multiple subwoofers can be grouped and adjustments made all at the same time.

MJ Acoustics Active Sub-Bass Systems brilliantly address bass extension, speed, timbre, volume, and dynamics in a perfectly balanced approach using the finest in electrical components and the most versatile bass system connectivity available in today’s 2-channel audio and home theatre markets. To accomplish this we pursue a holistic, no-compromise approach. Drivers are designed, manufactured, and assembled entirely in our UK factory when most manufacturers are specifying “off-the-shelf” parts. Surface mount components such as capacitors, resistors, and Audio grade IC’s are hand-selected with the lowest tolerance criteria. Cabinet structures employ scrutinised bonding materials/techniques and dimensional values are precisely calculated to ensure the absolute elimination of cabinet resonances and ringing.

The MJ Acoustics product range proves that top-quality components, superbly designed controls and adjustments, together with outstanding life-like bass reproduction are not only available but can also be purchased at a tremendous value.
All subwoofers are the same, aren’t they? Have a read of our Founder’s take on the statement often suggested by those that have not heard properly defined bass and the uplifting result in a music system this can bring.

Each unit is seriously over-engineered with generous headroom in all important areas. Components are hand-picked and specifically designed into each system. Our unique combination of state-of-the-art electronics and tuned hand-built cabinets, afford the user the ultimate in sub-bass control. Deep and powerful enough for the most demanding movie soundtrack, yet subtle, agile, fast, and accurate for the highest fidelity in music listening. It’s just like being there!

MJ Acoustics is proud to be the only 100 percent British owned dedicated subwoofer manufacturer in business today and, as such, can ensure the quintessential touch and attention to the finest details necessary for the ultimate in musicality and pride of ownership.

All of this produces a subwoofer to engender pride for MJ Acoustics as a British Manufacturer and for you the Customer.

Best of all its a 100% British product made by a 100% British company in Britain!


Tel: 01945 467770

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