We’re often asked, “What makes an MJ Subwoofer so special?”

The answer is not simple to explain in just a few words so allow us to peel back the MJ covers and reveal a little of what makes MJ Subwoofers like no other.

Knowing your manufacturer is important and we start by drawing your attention to a few things significantly different and beneficial about MJ Subwoofers.

Firstly. The source signal is kept completely in the analogue domain and no DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is done at all! – Vital for a true Audiophile setup.  The purest of HiFi systems rely on the conversion of electrical signal – to cone motion – moving air and thus producing sound waves the human ear can recognise.  Manipulating the source signal is to change that signal and by doing so you are by definition distorting the original. For MJ Acoustics this is not an option for a true audiophile setup.

Secondly. We provide twin independent crossovers that effectively enable the special settings for each input to be perfectly matched to the speakers being augmented in the bass frequency range. It is best described as having two subwoofers in each cabinet.  many of our competitors offer a fixed or limited range crossover using the Dolby specifications as justification. We go that extra mile, providing the full capability to match your speakers no matter what size or shape or location they are in.  This is paramount to a setup that leaves the listener totally satisfied.  In many cases wondering why they purchased floor standards when in fact they can achieve fantastic audio results from speakers where the full design investment has been concentrated in the upper bass and higher frequency range. Leaving the deep and ultra bass to be handled by the MJ Sub-Bass System.

Thirdly. We provide the ability to set this up from the listening position and to store different settings for different source materials.  This was first introduced in 2004 and MJ was the first to provide full out-of-sight remote control in its Products starting with the  Award Winning Reference 200 first released in 2004. 2017, marked a very special point in MJ Acoustics’ continued product development.  Following many years of extensive design study and software programming, we released a new remote control feature that would further enhance the setup procedure and enable the integration of multiple subwoofers in a system like never before. Out of sight, remote control takes on a completely new meaning, and best of all it does not require access to a network router or an IP address. Check out the detailed Smart Remote feature set.

Finally, we manufacture everything here in the UK. OH yes, everything!

Drivers-Designed, Developed, Assembled, and Tested by us.
Electronics-Designed, Developed, Assembled, and Tested by us.
Cabinets-Designed, Developed, and fully manufactured from raw materials by us.

This alone makes our Subwoofers Special.
Every part is hand-picked for assembly and tested by our highly trained personnel.
Enthusiastic about audio just like our customers, our staff understand the value each component has in the Audio chain.

An MJ Subwoofer is a SYSTEM, that’s why we use the term Sub-Bass System. Many people mistakenly think that it is the simple addition of a high-level input with a dedicated crossover, but there is so much more to it. We build the most reliable subs in the industry – ask any customer or dealer. MJ Subwoofers have always been built like no other because the parts are manufactured in the UK and assembled by specialist audio enthused highly trained staff. The standards we work to are impeccable and thus costly to execute.

Retaining our good name is so very important for us. That begins with products designed to last for years of satisfied ownership. Having over 20 years under our belt we have learned a thing or two about manufacturing in the industry and our distributors remain the same as those that started with us all those years ago.

Mean what you Say and Do what you Mean with Consistent Standards of Excellence.

Connections for the purest of HiFi
As a pure Audiophile high-end manufacturer, we don’t use any form of DSP in the audio chain. Additionally, we do not believe in offering a high pass filter as this will interfere with the audio signal quality being fed to the main speakers.  If you are searching for the purest form of audio enhancement, a Sub-Bass system from MJ will deliver exactly that.  We provide special professional grade high-level sockets in addition to Line level unbalanced RCA chassis connectors which are Gold plated for the purest of signal connections.

TWIN Crossovers for the ultimate in setup options and seamless integration
Crossover points as low as 20Hz can be set because our designs produce truly deep bass, whereas many of our competitors settle on loud middle bass. It’s much easier to make loud distortion explosions for movies but quite a different matter to be able to enhance some of the world’s most acclaimed speakers with agile and fast transients in the bass registers.  We worked painstakingly hard using every ounce of our collective expertise in electronic design to create MJ’s DAMP 3rd Generation twin Reference Filter Circuits, whereby the bass frequencies directed to the main speakers are reinforced by the MJ Subwoofer, and at the same time reproducing the dedicated .1 LFE channel that is the heart of a movie soundtrack. Integrated into every MJ Subwoofer, this very clever collection of circuits means even a single MJ Subwoofer can accomplish a near perfect audio integration. We provide users with a dedicated set of phono inputs for film’s .1/LFE channel with its own gain control. The crossover is not fixed and can be adjusted to further fine tune your Dolby specification, between 20Hz and 200Hz. Simply dial-in the High Level, audition a bass dynamic music track, then switch over to a film soundtrack and, while playing the most bass heavy LFE track you can find, bring up the gain on the dedicated LFE gain circuit until just below the level you consider too loud and you’re all set.

Filter Network Design
An advanced filter circuit provides exceptional performance when coupled to the rest of the signal chain of the Sub-Bass System. A second-order variable low-pass filter making use of a combination Butterworth and Bessel functions were chosen for the most linear phase response. There are absolutely no group delays in the signal path.  An additional fixed second-order Bessel filter follows the variable filter, removing unwanted midrange signals that, if left unfiltered, cause midrange colouration of the main speakers. All filtering is performed in the analogue domain using high-quality matched components with tight tolerances to ensure the highest possible performance.  In the case of Reference and Master-Class Series, we hand pick and performance measure the specs for each component in the circuit.  This is a time-consuming process but provides for the very tightest of tolerances and superior performance that is consistent from product to product.  When adding multiple Sub-Bass Systems to your setup it is important to be confident in the consistent nature of the filter circuits.

The INs and OUTs of Bass Delivery and why we recommend that the audiophile connects to his system using the Neutrik high-level connector or when provided an additional set of Line-Level Pre-outputs from a Pre-Amplifier. by our Founder John Jefferis.

The MJ Bass Driver like no other
We carefully design our drivers to reproduce low bass transients, with resonant frequencies that are exceptionally low. Woven patterns and impregnated long travel suspensions allow high output for the ideal motor assembly element. We refer to them as bass engines since this describes and defines their function perfectly. Our bass driver engine is designed to start and stop quickly since it is the pauses in between notes that define the rhythm of music agility and audiophile reproduction.

Our drivers are a major factor in the overall system performance. Many subwoofer manufacturers start with a driver — someone else’s driver — a so-called OEM design —  consider it theirs and continue from there.  That approach has never been an option at MJ. Our Advanced Electro-Mechanical designs require a driver specifically tailored to the sum of its parts, mated with parent electronics and cabinet to produce the highest-resolution, ultra-low-distortion bass performance our customers expect in a perfect sound stage. As a result, our bass drivers yield a natural, pure, uncoloured sound in the lower octaves which you can take as a true audio reference for others to follow.  It is the painstaking attention to detail in the design and implementation of the driver construction that yields perfect integration in any audio system.

For Master-Class Series, we make sure that each part of the bass engine is matched for weight and accumulated mass in the motor assembly components.  It is vital that each driver pair is perfectly balanced for the Master-Class design and that each driver is very closely matched for overall mass.  The weights of the cone assembly and coil-spider assemblies are noted on each build and closely matched in pairs for each Master-Class product.  this ensures that manufacturing tolerances are kept close to design specifications and also enables replacements to be assembled if required.  Our manufacturing database of each product contains the full detailed specification for each serial number.

Why Don’t we boast the use of a Thousand Watt Amplifier?
Over 20 years of design and scientific experimentation have yielded the perfect combination of low moving mass and strength in our bass drivers, resulting in the overall design being more electro-mechanically efficient. Greater efficiency results in more output from less input power.  Make no mistake this is not because we are concerned with the green credentials of the product.  it is a simple fact that in achieving more efficiency we gain a faster moving cone assembly which gives us the speed and agility to match the finest audiophile speakers being enhanced.  It is just a great feeling knowing that as a result of the design we are inherently playing our part in reducing the carbon footprint.

Furniture grade cabinet structures
Our cabinets are built from substantial, heavy grade medium density fibreboard (MDF) on every product. We specify the highest-grade European-sourced MDF for its superior sonic and aesthetic qualities.  Veneers are then glue bonded depending on the customers chosen finish.  Oh yes, we offer special veneer options for bespoke cabinet builds.  No other audio manufacturer in the world offers this level of service. Any colour paint choice is available and the cabinet lacquers are specified Polyurethane twin pack products from Italy. The very same lacquers that are used on the most expensive and highest quality furniture and automobile interiors.

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