REF 800Mk2

REF 800Mk2

A Reference 800Mk2-SR has the muscle and flexibility to suit the largest of AV systems and in larger rooms.  With a special driver making use of Radial technology, this chassis offers heat dissipation technology from Volt Loudspeakers that removes the heat build-up within the coil assembly much more efficiently.  This latest version of the Reference 800Mk2 takes the model to new heights in performance.  Best suited to the larger room and in particular,  large Home Theatre venues the movie experience is sure to be enhanced to levels the film director intended.  Don’t be fooled though into thinking its a one-trick pony.  This sub-bass system remains as agile as ever with all the features for integration in a domestic large multichannel speaker system.  The reduced compression effect from the Radial driver enables the bass to be driven harder for longer with less stress on the motor assembly inside the magnet housing.

The Reference 800Mk2-SR retains the “simple to use” status, via its digital display confirming all your settings. With a 460mm Ultra Long-Throw sub-bass driver inside the large cabinet, the Reference 800Mk2-SR outputs serious SPL and it belies its short stature. The Reference 800Mk2-SR is amazingly well equipped and ready for the most demanding movies and the most detailed bass lines. It even comes readily equipped with a  line-of-sight  IR remote control and a remote eye receiver option to make recalling one of the 4 user-presets an absolute breeze.   For those of you that have access to a Smart Device like an iPod/iPad/iPhone/Android Tablet, we have added the exciting feature set of “Smart Remote” this is a specially developed out of sight remote control that puts at your fingertips the ability to dial in the settings from the listening position in a way that could never have been achieved before.  Totally unique to MJ Acoustics and developed over the past 4 years by our in-house programming team, it really is a feature set that makes it hard to comprehend how the setup was achieved without it.  Ask your local dealer for a demonstration today and experience the missing link to your system!

The Reference 800Mk2-SR feature list covers all the essential ingredients required to integrate an MJ into any audio system. The onboard microprocessor provides for extensive management of this feature set.  Reference 800Mk2-SR is simple to use via its digital display confirming all your settings and can be controlled entirely from the main rear-panel buttons. With its small 520mm square footprint, Reference 800Mk2-SR can be tucked away into a relatively small area and so enhance the most lavish of main speakers discretely and unobtrusively. A 460mm Ultra Long-Throw sub-bass driver, digitally accurate crossovers, multiple inputs, High-Level cable option, M8 spikes, Reference 800Mk2-SR is amazingly well equipped and ready for the most demanding movies and the most detailed bass lines.

Many so-called ‘full-range’ loudspeakers cannot reproduce the low bass frequencies found on most music and movie discs, these frequencies are necessary for the accurate reproduction of the original recording to impart the natural ambiance of a real-life recording.  When present, it is immediately recognisable by listeners as being closer to ‘the actual performance’.  Of course, movie DVDs incorporate a dedicated bass channel for bass special effects, these being just as described, “special effects” to be precise LFE (Low-Frequency Effects).  LFE should not be confused with the bass frequencies present in a normal full range sound signal being presented to the main full-range speakers.  A properly designed sub-bass system will not only reproduce these bass frequencies with accuracy, but it will also augment the output of conventional stereo music with very low-frequency bass that is felt rather than heard. The result is greater audiophile fidelity in the lower and mid-band range. A system with a wider bandwidth will always sound more realistic and ultimately more entertaining, stimulating and engaging.

The only way to add these critical bass frequencies is to introduce a correctly designed sub-bass system, one which not only has the technical ability to reveal the deepest musical notes, but will also integrate seamlessly with the loudspeakers so that your system speaks with one deeper, more natural voice.  The addition of an MJ sub-bass system is like no other and provides that deeper voice in a way that will have you smiling from ear to ear every time you listen to your audio system.

For 20 years, the evolving range of MJ  products have delighted audiophiles and cinephiles around the world and received outstanding critical acclaim. Its superiority in providing real-life, sound-for-pound value continues unchallenged, proving that genuine sub-bass is a rare commodity, and only available from a specialist.

There is nothing quite like the realism that results from adding an MJ Sub-bass speaker to your system.  Without a doubt the best musical investment to an existing system you will ever make. If you are really interested in the best music you can hear then try one. We know you won’t want to part with it.

“When it sounds right it’s just more Real” “Like being there in the musical moment!” 

When subwoofers sound this good, there’s no alternative. The best 100% British Subwoofers available.

So if you’ve absolutely got to have the most capable compact big subwoofer around for your demanding large AV system, there’s only one subwoofer that fits the bill, the visually breathtaking Reference 800 Mk2-SR active sub-bass system. (available in front-facing variations)  
Featuring a massively engineered 460mm ultra long-throw super-rigid cast alloy radial sub-bass driver, battleship construction, beautiful cabinet finish, and attention to the finest and smallest detail ensures the Reference 800 MkII delivers an adroit punch and solid slam – without the dreaded overhang – down to a gut-wrenching 10Hz.

Our unique combination of state-of-the-art electronics and tuned hand-built sealed cabinet affords the user the ultimate in sub-bass control. Deep and powerful enough for the most demanding movie sound-track, yet subtle, agile, fast, and accurate for the highest fidelity in music listening. It’s truly is just like being there!

For large installations where multiple subwoofers are needed the use of Smart Remote enables control of multiple subwoofers at the same time for a perfect large room integration.

Reference 800 MkII outputs serious SPL with Audiophile grip and control.  Reference 800 Mk2-SR is amazingly well equipped and ready for the most demanding movies and the most detailed bass lines.  Manufactured to special order you can be assured that each one assembled has that special MJ Acoustics attention to detail applied to give you a wonderful audio sculpture!

Reference 800 Mk II Specifications:

600watt Discrete Instant High Current MOSFET Amplifier
Speaker and Line Level inputs with Gain Control Range 99dB
Neutrik Speakon connector (High-Level 100k ohm)
Balanced XLR Input and loop out
Twin Unbalanced RCA (phono) connector (Gold Plated) (Low level 10k ohm) for Left & Right inputs
Twin Unbalanced RCA (phono) connector (Gold Plated) (Low level 10k ohm) for LFE & Centre inputs
Twin Sophisticated Crossover Circuits – variable increments between 20Hz and 120Hz
LFE Bypass setting 200Hz
12-volt trigger & Auto On/Off with sensitivity adjustments
True Out of sight Remote from MJ’s Smart Remote application for iOS & Android.
No IP address required and no use of a router is required for SR(Smart Remote)
Ir Remote Control with ‘line-of-sight’ RM Eye option (extra cost)
Phase Control infinitely adjustable between 0º and 180º
Frequency response 10hz to 200hz
D.I.P. (Dynamic Intelligent Protection)
D.A.M.P. (Digitally Accurate MicroProcessor 3rd generation)
Specially designed cabinet structure, volume, and configuration made from inert 30mm MDF
Digital Display with power output meter and frequency setting on panel
Switched fused IEC mains input socket
460mm (18”) Ultra Long-throw Radial Driver with Heavy-Duty cast Radial Alloy chassis & High-intensity Magnet with Triple suspension
Fully saturated High-Density Magnet
UK 5 year manufacturers return to base warranty
Dimensions (WxHxD ) 520mm X 520mm X 558mm & Weight 56kg
Real Wood Ash Veneer with Satin Black paint overlay available.


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