Enhance your Audio for the finest sound stage.

Every Master-Class Active Subass System is hand-crafted, with our technicians individually responsible for the building and testing of each Windsor. From the dedicated circuit boards that make up the crossovers and main processing units to the individual power amps that power each of the perfectly matched opposing drivers. The build quality alone is unsurpassed, with each cabinet being meticulously constructed, damped, and finished in real wood veneer.

Topped off with a toughened glass mantel, which has hand polished edges and blacked across the back to produce a mirror-like finish across its surface.  Fabricated from the Highest Quality MDF ensuring the core cabinet construction is super strong.  Delicately finished in the customer’s choice of luxury real wood veneers or custom bespoke colour in either Satin or High Gloss paint. Carrying over this exquisite attention to detail, even the plinth is coated in a High-Quality PU Satin multi-part lacquer as standard.

Only the very finest components are used in Master-Class Series product, with each model reflecting the very leading edge of audio technology. Indeed all models incorporate dedicated drive-units using our own basket, cone, and magnet assemblies. Drive units are assembled and put through their paces here in our UK factory in the heart of Cambridgeshire. Performance is fine-tuned through an expensive and sophisticated combination of electronic crossover networks and dedicated power amplifiers which are painstakingly matched both mechanically and electronically.

A stunning piece of furniture that holds the Audio Key to a Perfect Sound Stage.

It even comes readily equipped with a  line-of-sight  IR remote control transmitter to make recalling one of the 4 user-presets an absolute breeze.   For those of you that have access to a smart device like an iPod/iPad/iPhone/Android Tablet, we have added the exciting feature set of “Smart Remote” this is a specially developed out of sight remote control that puts at your fingertips the ability to dial in the settings from the listening position in a way that could never have been achieved before.  Totally unique to MJ Acoustics and developed over the past 4 years by our in-house programming team, it really is a feature set that makes it hard to comprehend how the setup was achieved without it.  Ask your local dealer for a demonstration today and experience the missing link to your system!  There really is nothing like an MJ Subbass system. The quality of sound will last long after the price is forgotten.

Master-Class is designed for maximum performance with both audiophile and home cinema systems. To ensure this optimisation with home cinema use, we offer a “straight-through” facility with the crossover setting at 200Hz. This is considered as a bypass at line level, allowing the user to set the DAMP 3rd Gen Active Bass Crossover for their 2-channel listening at high-level and to set the frequency characteristics of their main system speakers via their AV processor/control unit with home cinema. The processor software will determine the lower frequency cut-off for the main speakers and the upper frequency of the sub-bass as part of the auto setup procedure in most AV processors. This is often recommended where higher sound pressure levels are required with smaller main speakers and particularly for movies where impact and a wow! factor is desired. When the user reverts back to 2 channel listening, their AV processor/control unit can be programmed to allow full range frequencies without bass management for the front left and right speakers resulting in a fuller and true audiophile experience. Once set up, the benefits of both systems, depending on which is being used are automatic.

Alternatively, an MJ bought initially purely for 2-channel use can easily be later incorporated into a future home cinema system.
Another aspect of the design of all MJ’s is our cabinetry. Throughout the loudspeaker industry, many rivals use very cheap and cost-effective materials along with inferior methods of construction. No MJ has ever been built in such a cheap way!  All our cabinets are jointed, glued, and braced together using specialist bonding techniques and modern aerospace derived glues. This is costly but ensures a much better quality of build with total confidence for long-term structural integrity.
Our definition of quality is attention to the finest detail with an excess of care. This is constantly referred to in the design and construction of an MJ. There are much cheaper ways to construct cabinets, but it is unlikely there are better ways. If there were, we would already use them.
We further refine this axiom to the way we design our electronics. Everything is designed to last for as long as we can achieve. All components are seriously over specified for minimal stress to ensure an exceptionally long and trouble free life. We believe an MJ will outlast its owner. In an age of planned obsolescence and “throwaway” waste, isn’t it comforting that one British manufacturer at least, does the opposite and designs their products for the maximum long-term value to the user?  There is an old saying that we recite from a Rolls Royce design engineer responsible for developing the integrity of the fan blade in jet engines, “the quality will be remembered long after the price is forgotten”.  This very much epitomises the ethos behind the design of all MJ products.

MJ are fortunate to enjoy a reputation for quality and sound for pound value. We jealously guard this reputation.

So with Master-Class, you have the very best of all audio worlds.  You can augment your speakers in a 2 channel audiophile setup and also integrate them within a Home Theatre setup.  You can use all of the multiple inputs at the same time and these can be split across different connecting systems. The options are limited only by your system setup and truly enable the user to extract the very best from their speakers and audio system as a whole.

WINDSOR Specifications:
750watt discrete High Current MOSFET Amplifiers with 8 high current lateral MOSFET devices.
High Voltage, High Current and high ripple rejection reservoir capacitors for extended transients
Speaker and Line Level inputs with Gain Control Range 99dB
Neutrik Speakon connector (High-Level 100k ohm)
Twin Unbalanced RCA (phono) connector (Gold Plated) (Low level 10k ohm) for Left & Right inputs
Twin Unbalanced RCA (phono) connector (Gold Plated) (Low level 10k ohm) for LFE & Centre inputs
Twin Sophisticated Crossover Circuits – variable increments between 20Hz and 120Hz
LFE Bypass setting 200Hz
12-volt trigger & Auto On/Off with sensitivity adjustments
True Out of sight Remote from MJ’s Smart Remote application for iOS & Android.
No IP address required and no use of a router is required for SR(Smart Remote)
Ir Remote Control (Included) with ‘line-of-sight’ RM Eye (optional)
Phase Control infinitely adjustable between 0º and 180º
Frequency response 10hz to 200hz -3dB in room
D.I.P. (Dynamic Intelligent Protection)
D.A.M.P. (Digitally Accurate MicroProcessor 3rd generation)
Specially designed cabinet structure, volume, and configuration made from inert 18 & 25mm MDF
Digital Display with power output meter and frequency setting on panel
Front Display with power output meter and frequency setting behind a smoked glass window
Switched fused IEC mains input socket
TWIN Balanced & Mass Matched 300mm (12”) Ultra Long-throw Drivers
Heavy Duty chassis & Double stacked High-Density Magnets in opposing configuration
Fully saturated High-Density Magnets with extended pole piece structure for extended piston movement
UK 5 year manufacturers return to base warranty
Dimensions (WxHxD ) 345mm X 791mm X 345mm & Weight 35kg
Black Ash finish as standard with other Real Wood Veneer finishes available.


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